Harness The Power Of Goal Setting

There is nothing in life as powerful as mastering the skill of goal setting and there is no other skill that can take you farther. Thus, if you are going to master one skill in life, it should be the skill of proper and effective goal setting.

Runner Hurdling, Dreams are PossibleGoal setting is powerful and it will take you to the places you have only imagined. It will lead you straight down the path of your dreams.

So how do you harness this powerful skill? You study, read, practice and find a teacher or a mentor. You master goal setting the same way you acquire any other skill in your life.

Your goals must be written, specific, realistic, have a purpose, and a deadline. You must create a plan and then take the actions steps in that plan.

When you begin taking action, you will not allow anything to stop you. You are unstoppable, you are focused and determined; you believe in yourself and in your goals.

When you believe, you shall achieve.

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4 Responses to “Harness The Power Of Goal Setting”

  1. Very good advice. “All goals must be written, specific, realistic, have a purpose, and a deadline”. One point to add would be setting milestones. One must measure their progress by setting up target/milestones. This will show one if progress is taking place and provide an opportunity to modify plans or execution techniques.

  2. Hi Shanna,

    Thanks for Your advice and regular emails, it helps one keep on track with development.

    At one time I laughed at ‘mind mapping’ and kept a diary – the diary led me to and fro never knowing where nor when I had jotted down important details!

    I have now learned to build on ideas in Free Mind (software is free) save the files in a topic folder and return to the files which now leads me to greater development.

    So to wrap that up in a ‘nutshell’, by setting goals, making the time to do mind maps that are easily accessible, I am not getting frustrated looking for notes in a diary and getting a lot more work done. Thanks this goal setting does work!

  3. Hello Joan!
    I am so happy to hear that you are enjoying the program and using the tools that make achieving your dreams a bit easier. I cannot wait to hear about more of your successes! Have a wonderful day!

  4. Jeffery says:


    You have got great ideas on goal setting. Thank you for sharing them!

    I recently read a Kindle book that talks lays out a process and shows how to stick to your goals. It was quite interesting, especially because the book is so visually laid out.

    The book title is – Goal Sticking: How to Go Beyond Goal Setting (
    http://www.amazon.com/Goal-Sticking-Setting-success-ebook/dp/B00BCVJ2NW )

    Have you read this book?


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