What is your dream?

…to be financially secure?

…to be physically fit and at your optimum weight?

…to have your own business?

…to have the freedom to be, do, and have anything you desire?


Ken and Shanna are experts; this program has proven results.
You’ll have fun and be motivated. You will have live access to Ken and Shanna!
This is a live contact program, not a “cookie-cutter” box of cd’s in the mail.
This is real, this is personal, this is about “You.”


Exciting benefits YOU will experience in the program:

  • You will wake up feeling more refreshed
  • You will have a focused direction in life
  • You will experience a natural improvement in your attitude
  • You will feel the joy of personal satisfaction
  • You will enjoy a sense of accomplishment with each step toward your dreams
  • You will begin to live life to the fullest and reach for successes in every area of your life

This is what you get:

  • 6 step-by-step recorded lessons with assignments
  • Live access to your mentors, Ken and Shanna
  • Intense follow up and support; a critical process for achievement
  • A variety of live special instructional and motivational lessons throughout the program
  • Access to all prior live lessons and interview recordings
  • Live Q&A that continues even after you finish the program
  • Continuous information, reminders, instruction, quotes, motivation, and much more

Bonuses you will enjoy:

  • Live lesson calls with spectacular guest speakers
  • Live and recorded interviews with accomplished people
  • Access to materials, reports, and other previously released tools
  • Access to new material and tools as they are produced
  • Continued access to the website, tools, and live calls even after you have finished the course

Just a few of the amazing things you will learn:

Why having written goals are so important

How to crystallize your goals

How to overcome obstacles

How to create good habits

How to create deadlines and meet them

The importance of visualization

How to plan each day and take action on your goals



This is what participants of the Achieve Your Dreams program are saying:

“When I think about the purpose of setting goals, which I discovered late in life, I can see the importance of everyday participation. The more I write down a plan for my day, the more I accomplish. Since I have joined the Goals Mentor program, I have discovered I do not need to settle for the way it is; I have the power to make my life and career more than it has ever been. Each and everyday I feel the positive changes in my life and I look at my current situation as it is up to me, my destiny. – Julie


The one thing that changed my life was when he (Ken) spoke about goals in a very practical way at an advanced training seminar. Six months later, I was the number one sales rep in the country and set records in every selling category there was. I went on to become a sales manager and then a franchise owner.

– Kevin Dandrea

I really know that 2010 is going to bring good things! It’s (the program) really changing my life. Thank you!

– Lorelei


The Goals Mentor program really gives you more out of life by following the clear and simple steps that are a part of the program. Creating a life you want now is much easier with help from the Goals Mentor Program.
– Philip Wayman

Loved the class the other night. It is crazy how writing your goals out makes you feel lighter more happy! It creates a feeling of contentment knowing your goals are just a step away.

– Sherrie


This is great for me. I need direction and you are helping me focus on a direction. Ken is dynamite!

– Julie

About Your Mentors:

Ken BrockBank

Ken BrockBank is a highly diverse and exceptional speaker who travels the world training individuals. He has over 30 years of experience teaching about goal setting and success. He teaches success in all areas of life and has vast credentials in the health and fitness area, as well as sales, franchising, management, and entrepreneurship.

He has helped over 200 people, just like you, reach millionaire status and his goal is help 1000; the next one could be you!


Shanna Beaman

Shanna Beaman has 25 years of experience in mentoring, goal setting and in business. She has helped many individuals improve their lives and reach their dreams. She is dedicated in her pursuit to help others achieve their goals.

Shanna is the creator of the Goals Mentor concept and she takes special interest in each individual and values every member. She is a volunteer mentor to some of the top leadership students at Utah Valley University and is the author of The Woman’s Guide to Living Your Dreams! She enjoys speaking and teaching workshops.


Ken and Shanna partnered to develop this highly effective program, so they could help others achieve their lifelong goals, with affordability. This program was created with the members in mind. The course is 12 weeks long, not just a one or two day seminar, because we know it takes time to develop good habits and overcome obstacles in life. Continuous positive reinforcement in life is a key factor in accomplishing great things.

Ken and Shanna are your mentors!
They are experts with proven results!


Computer Internet Goals Course

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This offer of $149.00 is only valid through January 8, 2012

With your membership, you will enjoy these additional free bonuses:

  • Free report: 10 Mistakes People Make In Goal Setting by Shanna Beaman
  • Goals! The Master Skill of Success recording by Ken BrockBank.
  • Recorded interview with Rob Durrant, a successful businessman and motivator. In this interview he explains how goals played a role in his life and how they can change your life. He shares his formula to goal setting and success.

This full course is offered for an amazingly low price of only only $149.00.

Start changing your life today! Stop waiting; live your dreams now! Enjoy this motivational and fun 12 week course, live Q&A, and access to Ken and Shanna! Don’t wait any longer…get a mentor and achieve your goals!

We can’t wait to get to know you!

Ken BrockBank and Shanna Beaman

For any questions regarding our proven system, feel free to email us at Shanna@goalsmentor.com.

You will have access to the lessons via the web and for the live question and answer sessions, you just need a telephone with a long distance provider.

You will be give access to our membership site via a password. The assignments will be provided in Word and/or PDF (Adobe Acrobat) formats.

You have only one payment of $149.00.

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